Vembu StoreGrid Service Provider Edition 3.1: Feature Packed Remote Backup Software for Online/Offsite/Remote backup needs

Vembu StoreGrid Service Provider Edition 3.1

Online Backup Software - Vembu StoreGrid Service Provider Edition is designed to enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARs) and other Service Providers (ISPs and Hosting Providers) to provide remote backup services to their clients at an affordable cost. StoreGrid is a powerful, comprehensive and secure remote backup software which is very easy to setup, configure and administer.

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MirrorJNDI 1.0

service provider for accessing arbitrary Java objects in a hierarchical namespace. MirrorJNDI can store all it`s data in XML or binary serialized form. It allows to create full copy of existing service provider`s data, serialize it and then work with local copy. It can be especially useful for testing interaction of your application with any JNDI service provider because you do not worry about possible loss of original data - you will delete, add

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Service Desktop Pro 2.0.8

Service Management. The idea behind the software is to allow its users to record key business information relating to the business lifecycle of project procurement to delivery and customer service. This software is highly useful specially for those freelancers and service providers, who place bids and procure projects from online freelance websites. Most service providers bid on several freelance sites, hence it is important to consolidate all bids

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TowMagic 1.5: Towing software to receive and confirm Motor Club calls over the Internet

TowMagic 1.5

service provider and dictate call information over a telephone, and even longer if the first towing service provider cannot supply service. Half of this time is for the towing service provider’s dispatcher to receive the call. All this time costs both the towing service provider and the road clubs much money in employees and telephone services. For years, different road clubs and towing software venders have tried to perfect the digital dispatch

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Vbuzzer Messenger 2.5.250: VoIP service software for pc to phone voice calls, mobile VoIP calls, web calls

Vbuzzer Messenger 2.5.250

VoIP service software for pc to phone voice calls, mobile voip calls, web calls, and click to call from browser. VoIP service also include US & Canada phone numbers, local phone plans, long distance and international calling plans. In additon to pc to phone service, Vbuzzer also allows the use of its VoIP service with regular phones, which requires to buy a VoIP phone adapter and connect one end to broadband internet router and one end to phones.

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SMS Gateway - Enterprise 3.12.20: SMS gateway for high capacity SMSC connection over SMPP, UCP, CIMD2 or GSM Modem

SMS Gateway - Enterprise 3.12.20

service provider. SMS Service providers often create SMS services like SMS Voting, SMS Banking, SMS Games. It supports SMS API for SQL, .NET, ASP, ASP2, VB, C#, C++, Delphi, PHP, JAVA and for OEM vendors. It can be configured as an HTTP SMS Gateway for WEB SMS applications, as an E-mail SMS Gateway for E-mail SMS alerts. For SMS trasnfer IP SMS protocols and GSM Modem AT commands are used. IP SMS protocols, such as SMPP provide high performance.

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SPAM Punisher 2.4

SPAM Punisher is an anti-spam tool that makes it easy for you to find out address of spammer`s Internet Service Provider, generate and send complaints. If Internet Service Provider receives complaint generated by SPAM Punisher he usually closes internet access to spammer.

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SAML v2.0 SSO Component for .NET SAML v2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO) Component for .NET

SAML v2.0 SSO Component for .NET

provider and service provider ASP.NET projects are included demonstrating interoperability with Google Apps, Salesforce and Shibboleth as well as identity provider and service provider initiated single sign-on and logout. A SAML v1.1 component and a SAML component suite are also available. Refer to the SAML overview. SAML Assertions Create, modify and access SAML assertions Serialize SAML assertions to and from XML Generate and verify XML signatures

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Recover SIM Card SIM card SMS rescue tool recover lost text messages erased phonebook contacts

Recover SIM Card

service providers (national and international). SIM card SMS recovery software displays SIM card IMSI number, service provider name with location and ICC-ID identification number. SIM card data salvage program is helpful for retrieving the data from virus infected mobile sim card and in forensic investigation. Application safely restore phonebook numbers, contact names text messages stored in inbox, outbox folders, drafts messages, send items with

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Tiny Dialer Tiny but powerful utility that connects to the internet with a mouse click.

Tiny Dialer

service of Windows. Among with all standard DUN features of Windows, it has many unique options that will make your web-surfing a piece of cake. Small status window will never hide the application you are currently working with. And convenient system tray icon will allow you to access all program features with a mouse click. ***Unique Features*** (1) Multiple ISP (Internet Service Provider) support. (2)Unlimited phone numbers for each ISP. Tiny Dialer

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